Our neuroscience research services provide a comprehensive approach to the assessment of neurological diseases through a wide range of behavior, pain and motor function tests for the purposes of testing efficacy and toxicity.

The Invivotek Neuroscience Program offers the following models:


  • Locomotor activity (open field, long-term locomotor activity in home cage)
  • Rotorod
  • Grip strength
  • Behavioral Battery


  • Acute nociception
    • Hot plate
    • Acetic acid
    • Tail flick
    • Hargreaves
  • Chronic pain models
    • Inflammatory neuritis-carrageenan induced sciatic nerve in rats
    • Inflammatory pain – carrageenan and complete Freund’s adjuvant foot pad injection

Opioid withdrawal model

Affective Disorders

  • Elevated Plus maze
  • Open field
  • Novel environment induced feeding suppression

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